[Psi-devel] Passing the torch

Justin Karneges justin-psi at affinix.com
Thu Nov 25 02:07:42 PST 2004


It's been fun working on Psi, but it is time for me to move on.  Working on 
open source software for free is not sustainable whatsoever.

Psi started as a side project in 2001 while I maintained a day job.  It became 
a funded project in late 2001 through early 2002 by my then-employer.  This 
allowed it to progress rapidly (man, those were the days...).  In mid-2002, I 
was able to land a high-paying Jabber job through recognition of my work, and 
this reduced Psi to a side project once again.  At the end of 2002, my job 
ended due to a dispute about the fact that I worked on Psi simultaneously.  
In 2003, I spent all of my savings to work on Psi full time, and this is when 
I devised the whole cutestuff/qca/iris/libpsi/psi scheme (once again, amazing 
progress during this period).  In late 2003 I began mooching off of my 
parents and going to school, which bought me some extra time of Psi on the 
side.  At the beginning of 2004 I received a grant from RealNetworks to 
utilize their Helix library software within Psi.  This allowed me to work 
full time again, and was instrumental in getting the direct-connection code 
up to snuff, which is the basis of today's File Transfer and will be used 
later for VoIP.  Completing VoIP was harder than I had originally planned, 
and so the actual Helix integration is not finished yet (though most of it is 
ready).  My contract with RealNetworks still stands, although I am not 
receiving anymore funding.  I'm bankrupt again now, and currently mooching 
off of my parents again and going to school.

So I've tried my best, and here we are.  This is not a sob story.  I'm amazed 
at what has been accomplished, and surely Jabber would not be where it is 
today without Psi.  I'm glad I have done this.  But the simple truth is that 
I can't work on OSS anymore, because there is literally no more money.  I 
don't want to "use" my parents any longer.  Time to move on with life.  It 
had to happen sometime.

This situation has been known for awhile among most of the core Psi people, 
and 0.9.3 was developed almost completely without me, and this will be the 
first version that I don't personally package.  Kev is the new maintainer now 
(if this has not been obvious yet :)).  Hal will pick up some of the PR tasks 
that I used to deal with (like posting news), as well as the sourceforge 
account.  Misha will hopefully continue to provide lots of code, and maybe 
some of the new faces (Remko, Sneakin, Michalj, etc) can help get this stuff 
done quicker.

So what am I doing now?  I'm not quite dead yet.  I will work very slowly to 
bring the libraries up to speed so that I can hand them off.  QCA is already 
a KDE project now, so that'll be 1 down.  I also must complete the Helix 
integration, and this will be in the form of various modifications to my 
libraries as well as a Psi patch that Kev can take.  Once each of my works 
are complete enough and/or passed to new maintainers, my no-pay OSS days are 

As for Psi, I will remain the "Founder" of the project, which means I'll be 
doing nothing useful other than smiling at you from the Authors webpage.

That's all folks!

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