[Psi-Devel] 0.14 plan

Justin Karneges justin-psi2 at affinix.com
Thu Aug 6 20:08:37 PDT 2009

Time for 0.14!

For this version, we will go through our backlog of patches.  Over the past 
year it has been very difficult to a patch applied to Psi.  This has been 
frustrating for many developers, and it has resulted in patches piling up in 
our issue tracker.  For 0.14, we will look at each and every issue in the 
tracker, and each patch will be explicitly accepted or rejected.

Of course, during the 0.14 development cycle, other work may be done besides 
the patch stuff.  I'd like to look at TURN and IPv6, and other developers 
might be looking at other features too.  However, none of these other things 
would be considered blockers.  0.14 will have no "major feature".  In fact, 
it's possible that we could reject every single patch in the queue, and 
qualify for an 0.14 release even though we made no changes (if that happens, 
we'll figure something out :)).

If you have a dusty old patch, now's the time to get it up to date.

  RC1 on October 1st.
  Final on October 15th.


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