[Psi-Devel] web service restoration & migration

Justin Karneges justin at affinix.com
Sun Nov 27 09:54:10 PST 2011

Hi folks,

All Psi web services should be restored now:
  - wiki
  - forum (now Google Group)
  - issue tracker (now GitHub)

We've also changed hosting providers for the psi-im.org and planet.psi-im.org 
websites.  These systems are now under my control.  A big thanks to Hal 
Rottenberg for previously hosting these services for so many years!

Similarly, services provied by Nathan Fritz have been migrated.  His server 
was originally the home of our source repositories, which have now moved to 
GitHub.  It was also the home of the Psi MUC, which is now under my control.  
A great thanks to him for hosting these services for many years as well.


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